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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 2:36 PM
Getting reaaaal sick of your shit, dA.

Since the community no longer holds any appeal for me and I rarely find time to draw anymore, I'm going to take an indefinite hiatus from dA. I probably won't be responding to notes and comments much, although I may check back occasionally. I will go through and prune my gallery a bit, but I will leave my work up because it seems silly to take it down when some people might enjoy it or want to look at it.

For those of you who are interested in keeping me on your interwebs radar, I'm on Tumblr.


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May joy, beauty, and accomplishment be gifts you receive every day of the year that begins today, when those of us who celebrate sharing an environment with you thank YOU for the presents and say, 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'
happy birthday =)
Before-I-Sleep Jun 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!!! :iconcakepinkplz:
Hello! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:
Happy [early] birthday!
Wishing you many more candles to come and a bigger cake to fit them all!
lintu47 Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
    Happy early Bday! :party:
Sorry to hear that you won't be posting here anymore, but I understand. DA's bullshit is seriously getting tough to put up with, and I don't post anything!

I wish you the best of luck in your future work on tumblr and I shall be sure to follow you. :)
I love how you seem to a hard core feminist, but promote sexism in children's films and objectifying fictional females from children's film. So sexism is okay when it's aimed at children, but not at adults?

I just find this kind of hypocritical. To me, I think the stereotypical princess characters are HORRIBLE female role models. I prefer female characters who take action themselves instead of letting Prince Charming do everything for them.

Sexism is sexism, whether it's aimed at adults or children.
Ginnabean Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Look, every form of media is problematic. You show me a movie or TV show or book that doesn't have a SINGLE sexual, racial, etc. problematic element and I will eat my shoes. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy things while acknowledging that they are problematic.

Also, writing me off as a fake feminist because I like princess characters is utter garbage. It's so cliche to talk about the problems with a princess character and act like that makes it impossible for a princess character to have any merits. Disney princesses might have problems, but they also promote women thinking for themselves, reaching for their dreams, working through hardship, etc. so if you want to fucking tell me that DIsney princesses hold no merit for a feminist, I will gladly tell you to go fuck yourself. The characters that YOU PREFER (your words) in no way have to affect what I choose to draw. Get a grip.

And finally, my drawing females in consensual sexually-themed situations isn't "objectifying" them. If you don't like my art style or think my sexual images are offensive, you're welcome to not look at them, but drawing women naked is NOT the same as objectifying them.

OH, and one last thing—Disney's films may be aimed primarily at children, but that doesn't mean adults can't watch them, can't be fans of them, and can't create work inspired by them. Telling me that Disney films are "children's films" as if that's some sort of admonishment isn't going to do anything.

Thank you for your unsolicited opinions about the merits of my art and how they stack up to my morals as you have viewed them as a third party. You may leave now.
But the princesses have to have a man in their lives. It's like their dreams lies within a handsome prince. I'd like to see a princess movie where the handsome prince turns out to be a stuck up bastard and the princess gets fed up with him and leaves him. Then she searches for dreams and aspirations that don't lie within a trophy husband.

BTW, not everyone likes Disney Princess films. Get over it.
Ginnabean Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
AHAHA. HA. Okay, the issue you have with Disney films is an issue you could have with any romantically oriented film. Fine. You are welcome to have that issue. But this "not everyone likes..." Oh PLEASE. You came here onto MY PAGE to force YOUR idea what feminists should and shouldn't like on ME, and now you're trying to act like I'm somehow pissed off because you don't like DISNEY? Get a fucking GRIP. I couldn't give two shits about whether or not YOU like Disney.

I don't feel like wasting another comment on you. You've earned yourself a block. Find another way to entertain yourself.
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